Local Name

Local name of our country is “Druk Yul”. It means the Land of Thunder Dragon. According to the legend, Tsanpa Gyare (12th Century AD) was consecrating a new monastery in Tibet, while he heard loud thunder three times proclaiming the truths of buddha’s teachings (thunder is believed to be the voice of dragon (DRUK)). He named the monastery Druk. The religious sect that he founded or that came from this monastery was named the Drukpa Kargyupa. In 17th Century when this sect of Mahayana Buddhism came to Bhutan and became the state religion, the country was named Druk Yul.

Temples, Monasteries, Dzongs (fortresses), chortens (stupas) and prayer flags are scattered all over Bhutan. Every district in country has Dzong, which houses official monk body and the secular district administrative body. The presence of red-robed monks in every district indicates the importance of Buddhism in Bhutanese way of life.