Trekking in Bhutan

The treks in Bhutan range from low altitude of 3000 m to very high altitude of over 5000 m. Such varying treks provide both experienced and first time trekkers the opportunity to see the magnificent and in-depth views of the beautiful country.

The low altitude treks are fairly easy ones. The trek will lead you through ever- green forests where you will encounter a diversity of flora and fauna. These treks provide an opportunity to visit villages, farms, temples and monasteries. This will give the travellers a possibillity to endeavour the rich culture and to get the glimpse into the lives of rural Bhutanese people.

High altitude treks in Northern Bhutan are most difficult and rewarding. On “Jumolhari trek”, you will have the chance to camp at the base of the second-highest mountain in Bhutan.

On “Snowman trek” you will have a brilliant view of Gangkar Puensum the highest unclimbed peak in the world. All our trekking programs are well planned. BTC can provide you with an experienced and friendly team who will give the trek of your lifetime.